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  • Fish delivery at the Milking Pail

    Fish being delivered to the Milking Pail public house by a man with a donkey cart. Stephen Cowley was licensee at the time.
  • Janet & David Key's Farewell Party -…

    Janet & David Key's farewell party held at the Joseph Webb Hall c2003, hosted by members of  the Methodist Chapel's Women's Fellowship.  David was retiring as Minister at the Methodist Chapel. L to R round the table: Peggy Freeman, David Key, Bessie Clarke, Ruby Cowley.
  • Mickleton Girls, 1918

    Standing on left is Ethel Collett, seated on right is her older sister, Florence [later Mrs Jack Bennett]. The other two are probably Cowley sisters, possibly Annie Beatrice and Alice Rosina. The Cowleys lived at the Milking Pail and the Collet family next door at Hidcote Cottage. Written on the reverse of the photograph [produced as a postcard] is ' To Mother. With best love from Flo and Ethel 1918'. The Collett girls were both in service in Solihull at that time.
  • The Cowley Family

    Stephen Cowley was licensee of the Milking Pail pub.
  • The Milking Pail

    Shows Stephen Cowley (Licensee) and his family and a cartload of barrels being delivered.
  • The Milking Pail

    An identical photograph to WI_0 which was described in the original index as 'Fish Delivery at the Milking Pail'. The information in the index for this image identifies the man on the donkey cart as Mr. Booker, a rag and bone man. He was collecting rabbit skins for which he paid 3d. Others identified as members of the Cowley family.
  • The Milking Pail, possibly in 1920s

    Public house at far end of Lawson Square run, at the time of this photograph, by Stephen Cowley.
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