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  • Class 2 School Group Photograph, 1987

    Teacher: Elaine Shewan

    Pupils - from L-R:

    Holding board: Michelle Grinnall

    Front row: Katie Maull, Louisa Keitley, Elizabeth Mackenzie, Melanie Wasley, Julie Kinchin, Melanie Fincham

    Middle row: Sarah Bellew, Stephen Titmus, Adam Trainor, Adam Hingley, James Righton, Kate Righton

    Back row: James Grinnall, Samuel Jones, Simon Nicholas, Duncan Hopkins, Oliver Hartshorn

  • Class 2 School Group Photograph, 1988

    Teacher: Elaine Shewan

    Pupils - from L-R:

    Front row: Kim Butson, Alexandra Garton, Zoe Griffin, Melanie Fincham, Katie Maull, Claire Coldicott

    Middle row: James Grinnall, Simon Brain, James Westerlund, Paul Guyver, Philip Titmus, Oliver Hartsorn

    Back row: Daniel Strangwood, Adam Bridges, James Righton, Simon Nicholas, Jason Moss, John Mackenzie, Timothy Pearce

  • Class 2 School Group Photograph, 1991

    Teacher: Elaine Shewan

    Pupils - from L-R:

    Front row: Ana-Marie Courtney, Nicola Fincham, Sarah Harris, Sophie Nicholas, Tina James, Annabel Ramsey

    Middle row: Samuel Walby, Christopher Reay, David Hudspith, Jamie Armstrong, William Jones, Craig Agar

    Back row: Ashley Lewis, Robert Coldicott, Lucy Batsford, Matthew Tye

  • Class 2 School Group Photograph, 1992

    Teacher: Elaine Shewan

    Pupils - from L-R:

    Front row: Siobhan Dennis, Charlotte Hartshorn, Nicola Fincham, Sophie Wood, Sarah Harris, Annamaria Courtney, Annabelle Baldwyn, Deborah Williams

    Second row: Oliver Terry, Duncan Rose, Celia Butler, Sophie Nicholas, Rebecca Turner, Lisa Walker, Craig Agar, Ashley Lewis

    Third row: Christopher Reay, Samuel Walby, Annabel Ramsey, Lucy Batsford, Tina James, Matthew Tye, William Jones

    Back row: David Hudspith, Oliver Butterworth, Jamie Armstrong, Robert Coldicott

  • In the Churchyard, 1989

    Seated are L-R; Henry Fincham and Jim Moss with Wally Brain, standing behind.
  • Land Girls' Reunion at Medford House, dateā€¦

    Standing, from L-R: ?, ?, Rose Read, Betty West, Betty Fincham, ?, ?, Rene Simmons

    Seated, L-R: Mrs Hayward, Joan?, Mary West, Mildred West (she was born at Tadpole Cottage), Nancy Hands

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