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  • Grazing sheep

    The spire of St Lawrence's Church can be seen in the background. Photograph taken on GLyde Hill?
  • Kiftsgate Court

    Taken shortly after it was built between 1887 and 1891 by Sydney Graves Hamilton. The house is situated at the top of Glyde Hill and is now famous for its gardens. The portico is clearly visible and was part of the 18th Century wing moved from Mickleton Manor.
  • Kiftsgate Court

    View of the house taken from further down Glyde Hill.
  • Kiftsgate Court

    Image is taken from an unsed postcard of Kiftsgate. The impressive 18th Century portico used to form part of the left wing of Mickleton Manor House. Between 1887and1891 Sidney Graves Hamilton, had it moved stone by stone, using a specially constructed light railway that ran up the elm avenue, from the Manor House to the top of Glyde Hill where it was re-built as Kiftsgate Court.

    Kiftsgate is now famous for its garden which is open to the public.

  • Manor House

    View of the 18th Century wing built by Walwyn Graves (1744-1813). Between 1887and1891 his descendent, Sidney Graves Hamilton, had this demolished and moved, using a specially constructed light railway that ran up the elm avenue, to a site at the top of Glyde Hill where it was re-built as Kiftsgate Court. 

  • View from Bearcroft Gardens Across the Junior…

    Taken from an upstairs window of a house in Bearcroft Gardens, the photo shows part of the Junior Playing Field, the butcher's shop at the junction of Back Lane and the High Street and Stoneleigh. Glyde Hill in background.
  • View from Glyde Hill

    A view from Glyde Hill looking over Mickleton towards the north west.
  • View from Kiftsgate Court Gardens

    Kiftsgate is situated at the top of Glyde Hill
  • View of Mickleton from Glyde Hill

    June 1975, camera facing W.

    Villages that spread along a main road rarely look attractive to the casual visitor so it was important to show Mickleton in its true setting.

    We had climbed up the fields on Glyde (or Glide) Hill on a village footpath walk, one of a series on the first Sunday in the month organized in European Architectural Heritage Year by the Mickleton Society for everyone interested, and patronised by every age group from four to 70+, when turning at the top to get our breath, we saw this, with new eyes, and said 'That's it'. Our patient photographer returned another day and caught just what we wanted - with the Church spire just visible in the trees on the right hand side of the picture.

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