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  • Grey Gables - a history

    Church Alley, next to the Vicarage.

    Camera facing N.

    1971 Stonetex Hornton type.  Roof - 'Grey Cotswolds' tiles. 1 s[torey].

    This bungalow was designed by Mr and Mrs W Bowld, long-established market gardeners in Mickleton, and all construction work except the roofing, where another pair of hands was needed, and the plastering, a rare skill if well done, was carried out by Mr Bowld himself.  This house is also built in synthetic material,  (see 'Field House - a history'), in colours carefully chosen to be unobtrusive even while new.

    Plans were passed on 17th January 1970, the site pegged out on 24th January, building began on 7th April and Mr and Mrs Bowld moved in on 30th September 1971.  An article describing the achievement in detail appeared in the Evesham Journal, 28th September 1972.

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