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Tags: "Murphy"

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  • Class 2 School Group Photograph, 1995

    Teacher: Elaine Shewan

    Pupils - from L-R:

    Front row: Holly Stowe, Rebecca Williams, Camay Bailey, Skye Ferguson, Lauren Lewis, Katie Baylis

    Middle row: Robert Payne, Stacey Bolton, Casie Perez, Lisa Mancini, Miranda Brown, James Bridge

    Back row: Thomas Manktelow, Lee Kilpatrick, Richard james, David Turner, Robert Murphy, Thomas Righton, Patrick Butler

  • Janet & David Key's Farewell Party -…

    Farewell party for  Janet & David Key at the Joseph Webb Hall c2003.  L to R round the table: Edna Harden, Nancy Cherry, Joyce Murphy, Dorothy Griffin, Marjorie Bradley (back view).


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