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  • High Street from Willann, 1991

    view looking north east along the High Street, On the left is Tudor House. The black and white cottage on the right is Willann.
  • Tudor House

    The cottage on the right has been demolished and replaced by Tudor View Cottages.
  • Tudor House

    Shows Tudor House at the time it was the village post office, circa.1900.
  • Tudor House

    Taken from an old postcard posted in Mickleton in January 1938. The cottage on the right was the home of dressmaker, Miss Emma Bennett in the 1950s. It has since been demolished.
  • Tudor House

    On W side of High Street, through to Back Lane.

    Camera facing E.

    L-wing which dates from 1592.

  • Tudor House

    Taken from a very dark, old postcard which was posted in Mickleton in August 1925. 
  • Tudor House - a history

    On W side of High Street, through to Back Lane.

    Camera facing SW.

    Listed: 3/9 II  C17.  Stone.  Cotswold stone roof.  2 s[torey] and gabled stone dormers or gablets.  4ws (2- 3- and 4-light stone mullions and dripmoulds).  RHS - a 2 s[torey], 2 ws Wing in same style.

    This hosue has had many uses since it was first leased in 1655 from Sir Edward Fisher to A Fowles for 1000 years at an annual rent of 6/8d.  When it was a school the bell on the N end was used to summon the children and in later years when it was a private house the bell was used as a fire alarm to summon the local men who manned the fire engine before the fire service was nationalised.  Heavy traffic going at speed round this corner is a constant threat to the house.

  • Tudor House - left wing

    On W side of High Street, through to Back Lane.

    Camera facing W.

    Listed: See details 'Tudor House - a history'.

    Looking W down High Street to Tudor House.  Two cottages between this end of Tudor House and the Three Ways Hotel have been demolished as were two cottages opposite, known as Tudor View, (see details 'Tudor View - a history').

  • Tudor House and Tudor Cottages

    Tudor House on the left with new houses opposite called Tudor Cottages.
  • Tudor House Bell

    This partially housed bell is on the right hand gable of Tudor House. It was rung to warn of possible air raid attacks during WW2. Air Raid Precaution wardens (A.R.P.s) also also cycled around the village blowing warning whistles and, when the danger had passed, blowing the 'all clear'.
  • Tudor House Gate

    Tudor House gate onto the High Street
  • Tudor House, 1960

    When this photograph was taken Tudor House was owned by Wing Commander Rayner Booth.
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