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  • Base of old water pump

    It is on Goldby Lane, outside Stoneleigh.
  • Drinking Fountain - a History

    On S side of High Street at Corner of Ballard's Close, camera facing SE.

    An arched niche built in red and blue brick with a stone roof on the front of which is engraved a text:-

    Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again/

    But whoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him/ shall never thirst. St John IV 13, 14

    No date given but it would be about 1870, (see Story of Our Village, Mickleton Women's Institute, 1961, p 46).

    There is another similar fountain at Tadpole engraved with the verse:-

    E'en as birds drink and straight lift up their head/

    So must man sip and think of better drink/

    He may attain to after he be dead.

    See also The Memorial Fountain.

  • Fountain on the Plantation, 1961

    A view of the Fountain and Plantation at the junction of High Street and Chapel Lane. The photograph was taken in 1961 after the erection of the sign commemorating the award of the Bledisloe Cup for winning the Best Kept Village competition.
  • Helen Dornan at the water stand pipe /Fountain…

    Helen Dornan at the water stand pipe at the western end of Chapel Lane near Tadpole Cottage. Helen Dornan  lived at Tadpole Cottage from 1999-2002.

    Tadpole Cottage was built before 1936 and was a workers cottage for Brains Cherry Orchard

  • High Street, Mickleton

    View of the centre of the village on a postcard posted at Lower Quinton on 7th September 1901.
  • Memorial Fountain - a history

    At the Plantation, at Three Ways Corner.

    Camera facing N.

    '1875 by William Burges, an arched niche under a gable, containing medallion portraits and a coat of arms'.  (Verey, David.  Gloucestershire.  I.  Cotswolds.  Penguin Books, 1970).  Stone.  The medallion portraits are of Mrs Frances Bowen-Graves (L) and Sir Maxwell Steele-Graves (R), and the arms are those of the Graves family who owned the Manor.  The memorial was given by Dame Elizabeth Graves.  The inscription on the front of the stone reads:

    The water was brought into this Village in the 1875/ & the Fountain built in memory of Sir J M Steele-Graves Bart/ & of his Daughter Mrs Bowen-Graves/ who lie in the Church-yard of this Parish.

    The long sage of the water to supply to Mickleton is summarised in Story of our Village, Mickleton Women's Institute, Chapter  IV.

    See also Drinking Fountain - a history.

  • Old Vicarage Well and Pump

    In the walled courtyard behind the old coach house - now a garage - and outside the kitchen, there is a well, which presumably supplied water to the house.  There is also a pump, which is no longer working.

    In 2011, a pair of robins built their nest in vegetation growing on the inner wall of the well and it is not known whether the fledgelings flew safely up through the grating instead of down into the water when they left the nest!

  • Orchard at the end of Chapel Lane - a history

    Camera facing E.

    Most of the Manor properties have these pleasant curved stone walls and we very much hope that we shall keep this one which encloses the orchard right in the centre of the village, an open space much valued.  Incidentally, the village pond used to be just here, at the end of Chapel Lane until 1869 when it was filled in.  (Vestry Minutes).

    The sewage vent pipe and the nearby pole, with wires, do not enhace this view, and the siting of others in the village is equally appalling.

  • Plantation Fountain, 1990

    Photograph taken during the restoration work.
  • Plantation Fountain, 1990

    Photograph taken after restoration work had been completed.
  • Stand Pipe on High Street

    Water Stand pipe on High Street, between Lawson Square and Ballards Close.
  • Stand-pipe on High Street

    One of the village fountains situated between Lawson Square and Ballards Close.
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